Yikes! She Fell Down the Stairs.

I am fortunate enough to have a couple friends who I’ve known for 40-45+ years. When you’ve been friends that long, the conversations are… well they’re just different, in an easy going, “we know everything about each other” kinda way. So when lifelong friend Amy and her family came to visit, we simply did life together in the same home for a week as if we had always lived together. It was such a wonderful time. Well, except for when she tumbled down the stairs.

I was first on the scene after I heard the thump, thump, thump, thump punctuated by a shout and finally a yelp. I applaud her because she didn’t cuss one time. Oh I would have. I may love Jesus, but I know that hurt a lot and I would have said at least one bad word. Poor thing lay there in a heap on the foyer floor with her arms and legs twisted in odd directions. She tried to tell me she was ok, but I knew she wasn’t. It wasn’t because I had been her friend for 40+ years. It was because I didn’t think limbs were supposed to bend in that direction or her face turn that color. Grabbing drugs and ice like any good friend would, we settled her into a sitting position to assess the damage. Deciding she was not broken but just bruised, her hubby lifted her to the couch. Now what? She was headed to Disney the next day. I suggested a mousified wheelchair complete with lights and a bell. 

She declined my offer of a decorated wheelbarrow and like a trooper hobbled out the door to see the mouse. She was determined to not let anything slow her down or affect her family’s vacation. I still loaded her up with drugs and biofreeze on her way out the door. I also lectured her on taking care of herself even though I knew she was ignoring me. Stubborn gal. Sometimes moms just won’t stop will they? Sometimes moms put themselves dead last because we want to be sure the family makes the memories, has fun, enjoys whatever we’ve planned and doesn’t miss out. That’s a lot of pressure, mom. 

Let me tell you that I completely understand that. I am the same way. I once climbed a mountain with my fam two days post op and with a stent in my kidney because I wanted my kids to see the waterfall. Oh I paid a handsome price for it later, but I was determined that my kids were not going to miss out on a single thing during our vacation because mama was on the injured list. But mom, hear me, you are worth more than that memory you think your family will miss out on. I bet you probably know this deep down as much as I do, but sometimes as moms we just can’t stop ourselves. So as your friend, let me remind you to stop and take care of you from time to time. That’s so especially important during the holidays when the lists are longer and the days are shorter. Grab a coffee, a book, (read my crazy tales and have a laugh) or if you’re like my daughter, take an exercise class (I shutter in horror)…whatever you need to do to re energize and care for you. Your family wants you to. I asked them. ?

Her children rise up and call her blessed;
    her husband also, and he praises her:
“Many women have done excellently,
    but you surpass them all.”

Proverbs 31: 28-29

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7 thoughts on “Yikes! She Fell Down the Stairs.”

  1. I love what you wrote, and I love the pictures of us! Thank you for the Biofreeze and medicine. You are so much like you our mother—always prepared for any disaster. Love you more than words can say! Looking forward to at least 40+ more years of friendship with you!

  2. mcgilchrist42gmailcom

    My heart hurt to know that one of “my girls” had taken such a fall. I am so thankful that she is fine.

  3. You truly were the best host as well! I mean, it may not have been Mickey shaped towels, but swans were a step up if you ask me! Wish you were closer!

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