Where Can I Get a Blue Bubble Suit?

For my birthday this year, Eric and I spent a weekend in Mt. Dora, a quaint nearby town with old Florida charm. It’s well known for its lakes, quiet country inns, antique shops and festivals. There’s an old railroad station in the center of town along with a variety of dining options and it’s all easily walkable. We’d always wanted to check it out so this past April (yes I was born in April), we rented a cute condo right in the middle of the historic town. Good thing we did too, or we may have missed the giant blue bubble people on their walk back to wherever they came from. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

We love to explore old towns, wander through quaint shopping areas, try new restaurants and just take it slow in a new place. I know you’re shocked that we aren’t off sky diving or cliff jumping to celebrate my birthday, but sitting by the lake in an adirondack chair at sunset is more our speed. We were surprised at how peaceful this little town was. It allowed us time to reflect and dream. We talked a lot about what life could be like in this next season of our life. It was exactly what we needed as we approached some big changes. Within a few weeks of this trip I would resign from my job, Eric would be even closer to retirement and we knew life would look very different over the coming months. 

It was during one of these “possibilities of our next season” conversations on the balcony of our condo, when we met the giant bubble people. Here we were, just chatting and enjoying the views, when I spotted them – two human beings in blue ball-shaped bubble suits sauntering down the street in broad daylight. There was no parade. There was no signage in front of them alerting folks to what was coming and why. Nope. Just two blue bubble people out on a Saturday stroll. As I was quickly grabbing my phone because duh that’s funny, Eric was approached by the female bubble person. 

He carried on a FULL CONVERSATION with her and didn’t flinch, crack a smile, ask a question, clarify her wardrobe choice, nothing. He simply talked to her like this happens every day. Granted strange things like this do happen to us frequently. That said, Eric’s reaction to the bubble people was equally as funny as the bubble people themselves.

The giant blue bubble people of Mt. Dora.

Meanwhile, your girl was trying to be incognito with the camera. I was crouched down behind the railings determined to get as much of this on video as possible. I was sure no one would believe me if I told them about it. And how do you tell someone about this without visual evidence?  I had so many questions for the pair.

Are these suits for your protection? 

Are you particularly accident prone?

Do you have a collection of these in other colors?

Where does someone find one of these blue bubble suits if interested (hypothetically speaking)?

After a discussion about the square footage of our condo and her insistence that we see the “fisherman’s cottage” (still no clue what that is), away the bubble people went. I’m wondering who else saw them and what they thought. I’m still wondering where they live. They must have really wide doors. 

After all that excitement, we ventured out to a wonderful dinner and then back to the lake to watch the sunset. A sweet older couple so kindly took photos of us as we watched the sun go down. We had no idea this was happening and were so thankful they captured this real life moment on camera. From bubble people to a colorful sky to planning our future together, Mt. Dora did not disappoint. 

Us at sunset in Mt. Dora, Florida. (April 2022)

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the video of the Mt. Dora Bubble People.

Your eyes will see strange sights, and your mind will imagine confusing things.

Proverbs 23:33
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