Laughs & Jesus for the Single Mom Launches Today on Amazon

I Wrote a Book.

You know how people say things like, “you should write a book” or “one day I’ll write a book about this”? Well I did! {Pause for me to catch my breath. AGGHHH! EEEK!}

Ever since I was a teenager, I knew God called me to write. To see this book, Laughs & Jesus for the Single Mom, released on Amazon today is surreal to say the least. As I think back to the days I was a single mom, I realize God knew I’d get here. HERE. Today. With a book on Amazon. ? He knew I’d be writing these stories of the chaos I lived to encourage other moms. He knew that the pain of those days would soon become the cornerstone of a book that would remind other single moms that He is with them in the mess even when it doesn’t feel like it. Oh, what only God can do!

Yesterday I was so excited for this moment, I tackled projects to keep busy. I was cleaning up my office when I stopped to flip open the journals I’ve scribbled in since the kids were little. When you have kids like mine, you take notes. The things they said and did were just hilarious, head-shaking, and yet, also perfect reminders of who God is. I found the entry about Austin learning the Lord’s Prayer at age 3. “Our Fada” became not just a legendary story in our family, it’s now chapter 19 in my book. Oh and the marvelous story about poop on the ceiling in chapter 30? I read the entry I wrote in 2003 the night that happened in our cramped apartment right after Eric and I got married. The best part is there are SO MANY entries in these journals that I know I have another/more books to write! Exhibit A below for proof.

So let me encourage you. If you’re in the middle of a difficult time, grab a journal and start jotting down phrases, memories, notes, frustrations, prayers and anything else flowing through your mind. It’s therapeutic first of all. But you may also have the makings of a book 10, 20, even 30 years from now. It may seem far fetched right now as you want to pull your hair out. But God can do some pretty cool stuff with our messy, crazy life if we let Him.




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