YEP, I quit.  What did I quit? A lot of things actually. First I quit eating gluten which was a much needed lifestyle change for health reasons. That was fun. I also sadly quit writing – which is obvious by the lag time on this blog (and which I discussed here.) I quit paying for our house. Don’t worry they aren’t coming to force us out. We paid off the mortgage! That was big. 

Oh, and I quit my day job. 

That was reallllllly big. 

After a decade leading the marketing team of a nationwide franchise, I decided to step down. It was bittersweet because I loved my team and the founder of our business, but it was time to see what else April could do. <Insert dreamy thinking music here>

It’s kinda strange though. I’m used to being a busy working mom. For years, I ran kids to school, practices, games, and events. I managed schedules, projects, meals and a demanding marketing job and everything in between. If you look back across this blog, some amazing stories came from those times. (Like this one… oh and this one….)

And yet now my kids are all grown and successfully doing life on their own. On top of that, I’m not working a fast-paced full time job and my brain is like – “Woah. What’s happening?” 

In true April form though, I have lists and lists of things to do, to think about, to organize, to shop for, to create, to cook, to read, to see, to write etc. I may even write a book, or paint something or become the oldest streamer on Twitch. (Plug ? Follow my daughter Lawa Plays!) Who knows! It’s the possibilities that excite me right now.

The pace is not something I’m used to. But this time has caused me to stop and  imagine what I could be at this stage of my life. And that’s a beautiful thing. When you quit something, you make room for something new… a new thing. So follow along with me on this new journey. Maybe you can help me decide what’s next. ?

Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

Isaiah 43: 18-19
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3 thoughts on “I QUIT.”

  1. I know this is an exciting time for you. So many things must be running through that pretty head of yours! Im glad that you are writing again, because that is one of your gifts. Just remember that God will lead you and show you many things. The hard part is the waiting, of which neither of us likes.

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    1. Thank you Lisa! I appreciate you and your support. I don’t like the waiting at all. haha. But I feel like God is just flooding my mind with ideas and it’s so exciting. More to come for sure.

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