I Fulfilled My Turkey Quest

Thanksgiving 2020 is one for the Thomas family record books. The fair Thaddeus Von Turkey was delightful and we slayed the potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and gravy. I’m sure there will be a Hallmark movie made about it. I mean after all, I conquered the beast, saved the family from sheer starvation, and secured my southern woman card.

I’m sure you’re all wondering/waitin’ with bated breath to find out how the ick was conquered. Well, we stepped into the kitchen at 7am with our cooking timeline, recipes and ingredients already to go. Turkey prep was first on the list and I was prepared to face the horror. And then… And then my knight in shining armor performed like a stealthy ninja, de-ick-i-fy-ing the turkey in mere seconds. Just like that. I survived. No racing to the bathroom. No passing out. No PTSD induced fits of terror. It. Was. Done. I was most grateful that the ick was removed not just from the bird, but from our home, before I could so much as grab the tongs. (Spelled it correctly this time.) He barehanded the evil. So proud. He earned lots of points.

Also, done in record time, was the cooking of the bird. I had purchased an electric roaster oven based on the recommendation of Eric’s brother, Bill. Our 20 lb. turkey cooked beautifully in that thing – in under 3 hours! He looked gorgeous. Of course, I took lots of photos. Ok, Ok. I took photos of every stage of this production. In case I never attempted this again. Ha Ha. Actually, it was so much fun and so easy and so pretty that we will most assuredly do this again. Although next year, Eric wants to smoke a turkey. So stay tuned for turkeygate 2021 when we smoke the heck out of Thaddeus II.

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  1. Looks like you did a super job. Everything looks amazing. We (just Steve and I all alone) had a 4 lb. turkey breast that I fixed in under an hour in my pressure cooker, dressing, green beans and cranberry sauce. So far I’ve gotten 3 meals off that little piece of a bird.

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