DNA Results Confirmed It.

I’ve always kinda known this. Some things you just do – without anyone telling you. Yet when the DNA results came in, I just stared blankly. “Well, I guess that explains a lot,” I thought. There it was in black and white.

“Good News! Your new trait has arrived. Do you tend to play it safe or live on the edge? Find out what your DNA has to say about whether you’re a risk taker.”

I’m risk adverse. Shocker. It doesn’t take a medical geneticist to determine that I’m not your cliff-diving, motorcycle-riding, bull-fighting, hair-in-the-wind, living-on-the-edge kind of gal. But this seemed more specific. Like it’s in writing. Scientists have studied my DNA to determine that my tolerance of risk is lower than average. Avoiding risks is literally in my blood. Here’s another snippet from the “risk evaluation”…

This really got me thinking. My mom and I are so much alike. We don’t do things that could get us injured or stolen. We don’t have a desire to explore the unknown armed only with a butter knife. Nope, not us. That is the DNA component. I get it. But what life experiences have played a role in my tolerance for taking chances? As a little girl, I remember being afraid of everything (from PE to reptiles) so much so that I would hide or run (walk briskly) or avoid.  I’m also a perfectionist, so I don’t like to make mistakes. The fear of doing something wrong often kept me paralyzed from trying something new.  Those natural tendencies were there, but the more I yielded to them, the more they became habits and shaped who I was becoming.

This is likely as risky as I ever got. Me in a trash bag snow suit pushin’ mama on a make shift sled in the rare snow we got in South Carolina.

Fast forward to today, and while I’m still cautious and like solid bets, I’m branching out and maybe for the first time ever doing something kinda risky. (Unless you note the fact that I met Eric online, married him and moved to Florida with two kids in tow, but that’s another story.) A few months ago, I quit my full time marketing job without knowing what I was going to do next. That was big. But I had prayed and prayed about it, and while there was risk involved, it seemed like the right next step for me and for our family. So while my DNA was clear –  “Hold on a sec crazy woman, we ain’t bout to jump out this plane without a parachute.” My faith was saying – “The best is yet to come. Do you trust Him?”

So here I am. Risk-adverse April took the leap and the views are amazing. I’ll keep you posted on where I land, but for now I’m enjoying the journey. 

This hair and shirt was also pretty risky. (That’s my beautiful precious mama.)

Not sure what this says about my DNA, but I do know the crazy genes seem to be prominent.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

 Philippians 4:6-7
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  1. I quit my job last year suddenly with no plans in sight but a deep, godly peace. Two weeks later, my church receptionist decided to retire. I’m right where I’m supposed to be and everything feels so RIGHT. It’ll happen.

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