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God shows his hand in so many of my everyday life scenarios - from poop to pork butts.
How could I keep any of that to myself?

(Oh and this is where it all began more than a decade ago when I began writing as the Cape Wearing Mom. My sister actually made me a cape and I even wore it in public. #truestory )

Do Nothing

Do nothing. That sentence sounds like such a simple thing, doesn’t it? It’s just two little words and it sounds like a pretty easy thing to do. Just stop what you’re doing and now you’re doing nothing. That’s how it works, right?  It literally doesn’t take anything to do nothing.  Or does it? ? So this was the line of […]

Make Sure You Board the Right Airplane. 

Ever get really excited for a trip, head out the door all full of hope and anticipation, only to have it turn into one minor disaster after another? As empty nesters, Eric and I now have the flexibility to take long weekends to do fun things we haven’t been able to do before. (Note to the busy moms of young […]

What’s the Plan?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s one of my favorite quotes. Benjamin Franklin was a smart guy and I think we would have been friends. Probably would have been friends with Winston Churchill too because he said something similar. Two great world leaders who knew a lot about success against adversity. Ah ha. Take that naysayers. […]

Where Can I Get a Blue Bubble Suit?

For my birthday this year, Eric and I spent a weekend in Mt. Dora, a quaint nearby town with old Florida charm. It’s well known for its lakes, quiet country inns, antique shops and festivals. There’s an old railroad station in the center of town along with a variety of dining options and it’s all easily walkable. We’d always wanted […]

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