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God shows his hand in so many of my everyday life scenarios - from poop to pork butts.
How could I keep any of that to myself?

(Oh and this is where it all began more than a decade ago when I began writing as the Cape Wearing Mom. My sister actually made me a cape and I even wore it in public. #truestory )

Do Nothing

Do nothing. That sentence sounds like such a simple thing, doesn’t it? It’s just two little words and it sounds like a pretty easy thing to do. Just stop what you’re doing and now you’re doing nothing. That’s how it works, right?  It literally doesn’t take anything to do nothing.  Or does it? ? So this was the line of […]

Ever Pray for a Toilet? 

I did. I prayed for the toilet. You might think I meant I had to go to the bathroom so badly, that I prayed I would find a toilet close by. That assumption is a good one considering my well-documented passion for good restrooms and the need to find them often as well as being a toilet paper expert, but […]

Make Sure You Board the Right Airplane. 

Ever get really excited for a trip, head out the door all full of hope and anticipation, only to have it turn into one minor disaster after another? As empty nesters, Eric and I now have the flexibility to take long weekends to do fun things we haven’t been able to do before. (Note to the busy moms of young […]

Girl, Get Out the Box.

Working in a cubicle had its challenges. On this day, I needed a change in my setup to inspire fresh enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. My back had already proclaimed that if it didn’t get relief and a new position it was going to refuse to function any longer. So… I used what I had and made myself a […]

What’s the Plan?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s one of my favorite quotes. Benjamin Franklin was a smart guy and I think we would have been friends. Probably would have been friends with Winston Churchill too because he said something similar. Two great world leaders who knew a lot about success against adversity. Ah ha. Take that naysayers. […]

This Should Be Part of the Driver’s Test.

I remember when I got my driver’s license at age fifteen. That, my friends, was a big deal. I felt so cool in command of my white 1981 Ford Granada. My car windows were even adorned with one of those Garfield cats held in place by suction cups on the hands. I was sure to be the envy of all […]

Is It Time Yet?

This may be the most popular question parents will hear over the next few weeks. Yes new parents, trust me. If your kid can so much as form four words, these are the words they will be uttering repeatedly. Is it time to open presents? Is it time for Santa? Is it time to go? Is it time to get […]

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