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God shows his hand in so many of my everyday life scenarios - from poop to pork butts.
How could I keep any of that to myself?

(Oh and this is where it all began more than a decade ago when I began writing as the Cape Wearing Mom. My sister actually made me a cape and I even wore it in public. #truestory )

Ever Pray for a Toilet? 

I did. I prayed for the toilet. You might think I meant I had to go to the bathroom so badly, that I prayed I would find a toilet close by. That assumption is a good one considering my well-documented passion for good restrooms and the need to find them often as well as being a toilet paper expert, but […]

Whose Turn is it to Hold the Washer Still?

I have often praised the builder for the convenient placement of our upstairs laundry room. It’s right near the bedrooms and away from the main living areas. That sure makes laundry easier and keeps the unruly piles out of sight. Yet, at the same time whoever built this laundry room decided to put a slope to it for draining purposes […]

8 Things to Know When Looking for a Mountain Home

A home in the mountains is something my husband and I have dreamed of for years. Now that he is only three short years from retirement, we are starting to make plans to see that dream become our everyday life. This past weekend we flew to the Carolinas for our first mountain property search trip. We learned a lot of […]

When Acorns Attack

OMG. You think I’m kidding, exaggerating, etc. I assure you. This is our reality. If you don’t believe me, walk up our front sidewalk. The poor UPS guy got hit in the next the other day and he nearly dropped my package. It looked like a scene straight from the movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

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