I’m Not a Hiker. 

One visit to San Francisco changed me. I went hiking. (Yep hell hath frozen.) Eric and I went to SF for our oldest son’s college graduation. It was our first trip to the area so we started with the typical sights. First, there were these seals. (They are technically sea lions, but they said I […]

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If You Ever See Me Running

It’s pretty well known that I am not athletic nor do I enjoy anything remotely resembling exercise. In fact I’m about to tell you a story that not one of my friends would ever believe actually happened. I would go so far as to say that if you were to bet any one of them […]

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Step Into the Bubble

My therapist said I’m “salvageable”. That’s an exact quote from Mike Ryan at Leading Edge Physical Therapy. Yes, after 5 weeks of therapy he proclaimed me not hopelessly broken. I was encouraged. Then I went back and they put grocery bags on my feet and told me to walk in a bubble. True story. I […]

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My Legs Don’t Go That Way

Physical Therapy. Sounds like a good thing right? I mean it’s therapy. By definition therapy is “treatment designed to relieve or heal.” But I’m on to them now. Oh yes, I figured out their game. It’s PE in disguise. And I hated PE. This so-called therapy is all a facade to get you in the […]

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It’s time I confess. I’ve been silent for too long. For the sake of other sufferers and the welfare of humanity as a whole, I am coming forward. As long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with a debilitating condition, a condition that affects my daily life and the lives of many others. It’s a […]

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