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God shows his hand in so many of my everyday life scenarios - from poop to pork butts.
How could I keep any of that to myself?

(Oh and this is where it all began more than a decade ago when I began writing as the Cape Wearing Mom. My sister actually made me a cape and I even wore it in public. #truestory )

Laughs & Jesus for the Single Mom Launches Today on Amazon

I Wrote a Book.

You know how people say things like, “you should write a book” or “one day I’ll write a book about this”? Well I did! {Pause for me to catch my breath. AGGHHH! EEEK!} Ever since I was a teenager, I knew God called me to write. To see this book, Laughs & Jesus for the Single Mom, released on Amazon […]

Do Nothing

Do nothing. That sentence sounds like such a simple thing, doesn’t it? It’s just two little words and it sounds like a pretty easy thing to do. Just stop what you’re doing and now you’re doing nothing. That’s how it works, right?  It literally doesn’t take anything to do nothing.  Or does it? ? So this was the line of […]

Fighting Coyotes with a Ceiling Fan Duster

Ever play that game where you’re asked to determine which item in a group of things doesn’t belong? Sometimes I think my life is one big game like that. I certainly felt that way the other night at 9:54 pm when the evening included coyotes, a missing Amazon package and a ceiling fan duster. It started with a text from […]

Ever Feel LIke Something’s Missing?

Ever feel like you should have something that you don’t? Like you just know there’s a piece missing even though you’re sure it was never there in the first place. There’s just a gaping hole where something should have been. I have felt this way for decades and I finally figured out what it is I’m missing. I solved the […]

Raising Orange Flags

It was my husband’s idea. I just want to get that out there. Most people are conditioned to look out for things that don’t seem right or are potentially harmful. Watch out for red flags, we say. So it’s perfectly natural that everyone who’s come by our house lately has stopped, gawked, and crossed the road to walk on the […]

What Are You Afraid Of?

If someone ever asks me that question, I follow it up with an inquiry of my own. How much time do you have?  You see there’s a master list of things I’m afraid of with subcategories, footnotes and addendums. You have the animal category that includes my #1 arch nemesis – s-n-*-k-e-s -, a word I don’t even say. Then […]

Are You the Favorite?

I was sitting with my daughter Alaine at Grace City Church in Lakeland, Florida the other Sunday when Pastor Andrew asked, “Who in here knows you are your parents’ favorite? Raise your hand.” I didn’t even have to look over to know what was taking place next to me. Sure enough, this gal I birthed shoots her hand straight up […]

Whose Turn is it to Hold the Washer Still?

I have often praised the builder for the convenient placement of our upstairs laundry room. It’s right near the bedrooms and away from the main living areas. That sure makes laundry easier and keeps the unruly piles out of sight. Yet, at the same time whoever built this laundry room decided to put a slope to it for draining purposes […]

Make Sure You Board the Right Airplane. 

Ever get really excited for a trip, head out the door all full of hope and anticipation, only to have it turn into one minor disaster after another? As empty nesters, Eric and I now have the flexibility to take long weekends to do fun things we haven’t been able to do before. (Note to the busy moms of young […]

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