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God shows his hand in so many of my everyday life scenarios - from poop to pork butts.
How could I keep any of that to myself?

(Oh and this is where it all began more than a decade ago when I began writing as the Cape Wearing Mom. My sister actually made me a cape and I even wore it in public. #truestory )

Babe, We Need to be Prepared.

Eric and I recently attended a fun date night event at our church. We laughed at the answers given by the panel of married couples all with varying lengths of marriages. The whole time I was listening, I kept trying to think of what we would say if asked these same questions. You know… preparation is critical. “What would she […]

Yikes! She Fell Down the Stairs.

I am fortunate enough to have a couple friends who I’ve known for 40-45+ years. When you’ve been friends that long, the conversations are… well they’re just different, in an easy going, “we know everything about each other” kinda way. So when lifelong friend Amy and her family came to visit, we simply did life together in the same home […]

12 Days of Christmas – Day 12

It’s DAY 12! We hope you have enjoyed these past 12 days of crazy. We had a lot of fun and hope it was entertaining, enjoyable, and memorable. Guess what? It’s your turn! hahahahaha! I kid I kid…. I like to play games. Growing up, my sisters and I had the tradition of playing games on Christmas eve. From Monopoly […]

12 Days of Christmas – Day 11

It’s DAY 11! It’s not the most important part of Christmas, but giving and receiving gifts is such a fun and special part of the holidays. I love presents, but my favorite kind of present is quality time with people I love. So Eric wrapped himself up in wrapping paper. He’s a hoot. 🙂 I swear this was his idea.  I […]

12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

It’s DAY 10! Today we celebrate a Hunter’s Christmas! On the “2008 How to Have a Good Christmas” list I taped up in my parents kitchen, I did, in fact, list that the guys had to wear camo and do some sort of shooting activity. I guess I figured with all the girly stuff we do at Christmas, the guys […]

12 Days of Christmas – Day 9

It’s DAY 9!  While the guys don’t care too much about dishes, we gals love that part. There is something about fancy tables that just make us smile. As our family’s president of interior decor, I am in charge of holiday place settings. Eric is not allowed to help and this video shows why! That said, he serves as president of […]

12 Days of Christmas – Day 8

It’s the little things that mean the most to us around the Christmas holidays. So much so that I actually broke down in tears thinking about these glass Christmas mugs mom and dad have that I use every year. It’s the fact that they get them down from the top cabinet and have them ready for me to use every […]

12 Days of Christmas – Day 7

It’s all about odd, unique, clever Christmas traditions here on DAY 7! First up? The gum drop tree! I have no idea how this tradition got started, but it’s something my parents have done for years. We have that little plastic tree with gum drops on it every year. When we were little we would put the gum drops on. […]

12 Days of Christmas – Day 6

It’s the halfway mark! Wow! Welcome to DAY 6. Living in Florida, we don’t often get to say “Baby it’s cold outside.” So today, we can at least listen to the song and dream! Ha Ha! But today is not about music. It’s about Christmas baking! This may be Eric’s favorite. He loves desserts. He also loves hot chocolate…or rather […]

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