I’m Not a Hiker. 

One visit to San Francisco changed me. I went hiking. (Yep hell hath frozen.) Eric and I went to SF for our oldest son’s college graduation. It was our first trip to the area so we started with the typical sights. First, there were these seals. (They are technically sea lions, but they said I […]

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The Day the Tree Came Down.

Ever hold on to something so tight for so long that it becomes literally painful to let it go? Like someone has to pry your cramping fingers from the thing as you fight them tooth and nail? I bet you’ve held on to things longer that you should like an old frying pan or something. […]

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I Had Bad Eyebrows.

“Hello, my name is April Thomas and I had bad eyebrows.” In fact, I’m sure I now belong to a society of former bad eyebrow folks. Like we all went through the intervention, the admission of guilt, the dedication to making a change… the whole multi step process and now we’re on the other side. […]

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YEP, I quit.  What did I quit? A lot of things actually. First I quit eating gluten which was a much needed lifestyle change for health reasons. That was fun. I also sadly quit writing – which is obvious by the lag time on this blog (and which I discussed here.) I quit paying for […]

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She’s Back!

Hey Y’all. It’s been awhile. I know. I know. That was rude and you thought I’d been carted off to a padded room. I’m sure you were all organizing a movement to free me. 💙 Alas, no glamorous story of freeing myself from the clutches of a mad man armed with only a bobby pin. […]

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 12

It’s DAY 12! We hope you have enjoyed these past 12 days of crazy. We had a lot of fun and hope it was entertaining, enjoyable, and memorable. Guess what? It’s your turn! hahahahaha! I kid I kid…. I like to play games. Growing up, my sisters and I had the tradition of playing games […]

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 11

It’s DAY 11! It’s not the most important part of Christmas, but giving and receiving gifts is such a fun and special part of the holidays. I love presents, but my favorite kind of present is quality time with people I love. So Eric wrapped himself up in wrapping paper. He’s a hoot. 🙂 I swear […]

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

It’s DAY 10! Today we celebrate a Hunter’s Christmas! On the “2008 How to Have a Good Christmas” list I taped up in my parents kitchen, I did, in fact, list that the guys had to wear camo and do some sort of shooting activity. I guess I figured with all the girly stuff we […]

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