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About (old)

My name is April Thomas and I love meeting new people. Maybe it’s because I enjoy making folks laugh and those closest to me are likely tired of my tales. I’m known for telling stories and having an “amazing” sense of humor. (I own a dinosaur costume and wear it whenever possible.) I also love Jesus so being able to combine these things to encourage others is a joy!

As a mom of four now grown kids, I have a passion for encouraging moms of all stages from single moms like I was once upon a time to busy young moms like I was not long ago to empty nester moms like I am now. So often mamas pour everything they have into the home and family only to find themselves drained and ready to collapse (or snap). Other times they feel like they are screwing up their kids in epic ways. #beenthere

I offer stories to give you a fun break in the day and a few minutes with Jesus. I’m no pastor, theologian, or professor. I’m simply a mom who loves to laugh and encourage others. If me sharing some hilarious story that happened to me and what I learned from it can help you go about your day with more enthusiasm and energy, well, that’s pretty awesome.

You’ll hear a lot about my family as we chat. I married my amazing husband Eric in 2003 after meeting him online. At the time I was a single, divorced mom of two kids under age 4. He was a single divorced father of two teenagers. We’re now a blended family of six… his two + my two = us. Our story is my favorite and I’ll share it with you one day if we grab coffee together. #itsagoodone

And now two of our kids are married bringing us more joy and so many more stories to tell. Can’t wait to share them with you.

It’s hard to believe I’m no longer a single mom or a busy working mom shuttling kids to activities or helping with homework. I loved those days even when I wanted to pull my hair out waiting for a kid in a dark school parking lot. Oh, and I was always tired. I bet you can relate. #busymomsunite

Now my four kids are running their own circuses. My role is less chauffeur and more friend. Sometimes it’s “dogsitter”, which is mind-blowing if you know me well enough. While this stage is quite rewarding, sometimes I still feel lost and without purpose. I bet you do too. #emptynestersclub

Through it all, God uses the unusual, hilarious and sometimes humiliating moments of my life to reveal something helpful and encouraging. Sometimes it’s motivational and sometimes it’s correction and other times it’s just plain funny. So take ten minutes for yourself and join me. Let’s laugh together and find a little bit of Jesus while we’re at it.



Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.  Proverbs 3:5-6

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April G. Thomas

Busy moms often neglect themselves, becoming overwhelmed and discouraged. I provide humorous content to encourage them to take a break, have a good laugh and find Jesus so they have fresh enthusiasm for their family. |

8 thoughts on “About (old)”

  1. Hi. Loving your blog. (I am Leslie’s sister in Atlanta) You are funny and inspirational. I am looking forward to your next entry!

  2. The Nee Family, New Hampshire

    We havent met you yet but I hope our familys get the chance. The work you are doing is inspriring to all. Keep up the great work for Christ and pass our hellos to Eric and your family.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed your family stories – you have a real talent for communicating them in a humorous and loving way. So glad I can keep up with your latest adventures via your blog.

  4. I threw away the camping trip after the last time we went I could best describe as sleeping inside of a jiffy pop, (five inches of rain). Totally love the picture and I have the same shirt from Loft! Ha ha! Now I have to make a cape. I just started a blog last week and am looking for other mom blogs with a sense of humor. Please stop by and feel free to share if you like mine. allthatmakesyou…smile, laugh, love, cry and cry laughing. 😉

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