Day 7

12 Days of Christmas – Day 7

It’s all about odd, unique, clever Christmas traditions here on DAY 7! First up? The gum drop tree!

I have no idea how this tradition got started, but it’s something my parents have done for years. We have that little plastic tree with gum drops on it every year. When we were little we would put the gum drops on. As we grew, mom and dad took on more of the task before it became a cherished tradition for the grandkids. What’s funny to me is that gum drops aren’t even good unless they come off this tree!

Usually it has only red and green gumdrops, but this year mom and dad were inspired. It’s a gummy, gum drop, marshmallow tree! They are really getting into this 12 Days of Christmas.

We had to get creative in order to have our own gumdrop tree this year. Probably shouldn’t eat any of these gum drops off the branches from our yard though. Ha ha!

We have plenty of other odd Christmas traditions including painting rocks! What unique Christmas traditions do you have? Tell us about them. We would love to hear them!

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