12 Days of Christmas – Day 2

Here we are on Day 2 of Eric and April’s 12 Days of Christmas! Today we are talking about one of my favorite Christmas traditions – Christmas Tea! Each year mom and I (and most of the time my daughter Alaine) would head to Laura’s Tea Room in beautiful, historic Ridgeway, SC and enjoy a special high tea. Now for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a festive, girly occasion with hats, china, scones, devonshire cream, cute sandwiches and fancy desserts. Oh and tea! We have loved doing this for years and it’s one of my favorite memories of Christmas.

So this year, we are thankful for all those teas and I get to educate Eric on all the things we did since “no boys were allowed.” Of course Eric is a rockstar once again with his adorable elf hat. Oh but we forgot to talk about the hat portion of the tea experience so we have a little bonus content for that.

Oh and we were also using special Christmas plates made by his granny way back when. Yep. She actually MADE them. Very talented lady. Here are a few photos of our many Christmas teas. And if you’re ever in Ridgeway, SC go to Laura’s Tea Room!


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