day 12

12 Days of Christmas – Day 12

It’s DAY 12!

We hope you have enjoyed these past 12 days of crazy. We had a lot of fun and hope it was entertaining, enjoyable, and memorable. Guess what? It’s your turn! hahahahaha!

I kid I kid…. I like to play games. Growing up, my sisters and I had the tradition of playing games on Christmas eve. From Monopoly to Yahtzee, anything to pass the time! So I dug out all the games in our cabinet for this one. 
We also liked to build gingerbread houses and I can remember the homemade ones where we actually baked the pieces of the house! WOW! Eric has his own version of a gingerbread….er….house?

We had a game day and gingerbread house competition last year and of course our kids made it hilarious.

Merry Christmas to you all! Now Eric and I need another project! 🙂

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