day 11

12 Days of Christmas – Day 11

It’s DAY 11!

It’s not the most important part of Christmas, but giving and receiving gifts is such a fun and special part of the holidays. I love presents, but my favorite kind of present is quality time with people I love. So Eric wrapped himself up in wrapping paper. He’s a hoot. 🙂 I swear this was his idea. 

I tried to think of my favorite presents as a kid. Honestly, I can only faintly remember a few things. A light brite. A spiralgraph. A kitchen set. Clothes. Those are all things I loved and enjoyed, but nothing about those things made an impact on me. Not like the tea time with mom or seeing dad put the lights on the Christmas tree while mom made cookies. As a mom, I know I put pressure on myself to get all the things on the kids lists, but now as they are grown I realize they too remember the impactful things we did as a family more than the gifts. The scavenger hunts, the family dance parties in PJs, the trips to see the Christmas lights, the baking, the movies…

So while Christmas morning surprises and ripping through wrapping paper are exciting, it’s the time together that makes the memory that lasts.

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